Most Common Workplace Accidents In NYC

MostCommonWorkplaceAccidentsA recent report by the Department of Labor & Industries revealed that 95% of all claims for workplace accidents fall into one of the following 10 categories:

  • Overexertion injuries – caused by pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying, holding, and throwing
  • Slipping & Tripping injuries – falls generally caused by wet, slippery floors; or debris, clutter left in walkways
  • Falling from heights injuries – falls from ladders, roofs, or other elevated surfaces
  • Reaction injuries – caused by slipping/tripping without falling, bending, reaching, sitting, standing, climbing
  • Falling objects injuries – objects falling from elevated heights or dropped by another person
  • Walking into injuries – a person walks into stationary object such as a table, chair, cabinet, door, wall, etc.
  • Vehicle Accident injuries – single or multi-vehicle accidents
  • Machine entanglement injuries – a person’s clothes, hair, or extremities are caught in a mechanical device
  • Repetitive motion injuries – typing, hammering, squatting
  • Violent injuries – caused by co-employees, customers, or vendors

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