A Series of Vehicular Accidents

A livery cab crashed into a group of pedestrians on 194th street and Valentine Avenue in the Bronx this morning. Of the six people injured, three of them were children. Two of those children were taken to a nearby hospital, and are listed as in critical condition. The black car stood mangled at the scene of the crash as paramedics and police arrived.

This was just the latest in a litany of vehicle-on-pedestrian accidents that have occurred in the Bronx this month. The previous two both took place on the same day a little over a week ago, a few blocks away from one another. The first was of the hit-and-run variety: a black full-size sedan struck a man on E. 155th Street and Union Avenue, then drove off. According to eye witnesses that were interviewed after the victim was rushed to the hospital, the driver of the vehicle and the victim had gotten into a verbal altercation in the moments preceding the “accident,” suggesting that it may not have been so accidental after all. The driver, whose absconding suggests guilt and possibly even malice, may have been purposefully using his vehicle as a weapon.

A mere two hours later, a black SUV accidentally struck a woman who was walking down E. 155th Street near Prospect Avenue. She was injured, but not fatally so. While the driver in this instance remained on-scene to assess the situation, his comeuppance came not at the hands of police or future judicial processes, but via a haranguing from the victim’s male friend, who had witnessed the accident and was very evidently not happy about it.

Neither of these 155th Street accidents have generated any arrests.


Cab-Accident Statistics

The good news is that cabs, statistically speaking, are safer than the other cars and trucks that co-occupy the city’s often narrow and fast-paced streets. It may seem like taxis flirt with disaster, with the way they dart and slalom through dense and speeding traffic, squeezing through the ever-decreasing slits of open space between bumpers. But that unusual, aggressive-seeming driving behavior is just another day at the office for most cabbies. And it’s exactly that experience that keeps their accident totals low in comparison with other motorists’.

Analysts use an accidents-per-miles-traveled metric in order to tabulate the frequency with which accidents occur. The figure for taxi cabs, per this data, was about 4.6 accidents per 1 million miles traveled. For livery cabs, the figure was an even smaller 3.7 accidents per 1 million miles. For regular, everyday citizens? The figure was 6.7 accidents per 1 million miles, which dwarfs both sets of taxi and livery stats. These calculations figure occurrences of crashes, standalone. However, there is other data that reports on injuries. Predictably, the injury rate is lower in taxis and liveries. In these studies, proper taxi cabs rate the best at 1.6 injuries per million passenger miles. Livery cars come in second place with approximately 2.0 injuries per million passenger miles. All other vehicles experience injuries at a rate of 2.6 per 1 million miles.

Put more simply, taxis and livery cars experiences crashes at about one-third the rate of civilian vehicles.

One man who did independent research on taxi cab accidents, Bruce Schaller of Schaller Consulting, remarked that these findings were perhaps not so surprising. A combination of factors lead to taxi cab drivers, and their ilk, being safer drivers. For one thing, the licensing process one must go through in order to obtain a livery license is extensive and rigorous. Also, as we alluded to above, taxi drivers spend the entirety of their days on the road. They know the streets and shortcuts more intimately than most casual drivers. This in-depth knowledge gives them a better feel for traffic patterns, and perhaps allows them to more acutely predict and avoid potential accident-causing situations. Lastly, cab drivers depend on their vehicles for their livelihood. Whereas most people can still report to work if they total their car, a cab driver’s means of conveyance is also their means of revenue generation. They have a more vested financial interest in avoiding accidents and preserving the wellbeing of their vehicle.


Kaplan Lawyers PC

Taxi cabs, both yellow and otherwise, proliferate our city streets. Statistics show that cabs, on the whole, are safer than other types of vehicles. And while the three evidential anecdotes given at the beginning of this article seem to loosely corroborate this ratio, the one outlying instance of a cab striking pedestrians stands as a warning that it is possible to be injured by taxis and other livery vehicles. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a cab accident, whether as a passenger or as a pedestrian, it’s important that you seek a law firm that’s deeply entrenched in the New York City legal scene, and is well-versed in the issues that matter most to you. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we’ve got an experienced team of attorneys with long track records of winning compensation for their clients in situations just like this. Which means that if you’ve been hurt, there is no better place to turn than Kaplan Lawyers PC. Our consultations are easy to set-up and are always 100% free. So don’t hesitate, contact us today.