The City Council finally passed a bill in late September which requires workers on most construction sites to receive at least 40 hours of safety training before being allowed on buildings over nine stories tall. The vote came on the heels of two Manhattan construction workers’ deaths on the same day, in separate incidents.
Last month, in Queens, a construction crane dropped a 6,500-pound steel I-beam, killing two workers. In this article, we review construction crane safety.
A 52-year old architect died after falling from an under-construction Midtown skyscraper this September. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what factors lead to falls, what steps can be taken to prevent them, and the final update of OSHA regulations which govern fall-prevention safety regulations.
A 39-year-old tree-trimmer from Brentwood, Long Island was electrocuted after coming in contact with PSEG power lines. In this article, we'll take a look at not only how to stay safe when working with electricity, but at what to do in the event that you have been injured on-the-job.
This week, high winds caused a scaffolding to fall in Brooklyn. Though no one was injured, this incident demonstrates the dangers inherent to scaffolding.
As heavy winds and snow descended on New York City Friday morning, a crane fell from a building in Tribeca, killing one Manhattan resident. Despite strong efforts to secure cranes, accidents like these are not wholly uncommon in New York. Click here to read more about Friday morning's events.
The project? A 38-story super luxe hotel, which is due to sprout out of midtown Manhattan sometime in the near future. The heavy equipment? A gargantuan hydraulic drill known as the “Casa Grande,” which is Spanish for “Big House.” As the driver of the mobile drill attempted to pilot the large piece of equipment onto a construction site, the whole rig lost equilibrium, tilted, then tipped.
At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we try and see every misfortunate accident as an opportunity to inform our readers of what exactly went wrong, so as to try and avoid similar mishaps in the future. Last weekend, a terrible tragedy occurred. A man in South Paterson, New Jersey fell off the roof of an apartment building. He died from the injuries he sustained. The middle-aged man, along with some fellow employees, were working on a low-level apartment building on Bloomfield Avenue when the accident occurred.
Every day, countless amounts of people can be seen strolling around Manhattan. And all of...
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