hen thinking of workplace safety, most of us envision a warehouse, factory or construction site. Few think of a business office as a dangerous place, but they can be far from safe.
New York City transportation officials are creating a pair of protected Manhattan crosstown bike lanes...
In a terrifying tale that turned out well, seven teens plunged through the frozen ice of a Central Park pond last Tuesday, but were saved thanks to the quick-thinking of some Good Samaritans.
Last month, in Queens, a construction crane dropped a 6,500-pound steel I-beam, killing two workers. In this article, we review construction crane safety.
A construction crane on the Tappan Zee Bridge toppled Tuesday afternoon, injuring five and interrupting traffic for hours on end.
In circumstances of food contamination, the more information available, the better your chances of a favorable outcome will be. As is the case for most legal matters, gathering data and supporting evidence is crucial for securing a win in a court of law. Click here to read about steps you can take if you’ve fallen victim to injurious food poisoning.
Soda is bad for our teeth. Alcohol can cause liver and heart damage. Coffee may or may not be good for us, depending on which article you read. But at least we can count on our water to be safe -- or so we thought.
A sewer leak has been determined as the cause of an unpleasant smell in a Brooklyn subway station. Some gas leaks can pose significant danger to your health, while others are completely harmless. Being able to determine the difference can save your life.
This week, high winds caused a scaffolding to fall in Brooklyn. Though no one was injured, this incident demonstrates the dangers inherent to scaffolding.
A 35-year-old Long Island man strayed from a trail in Hook Mountain State Park, where he lost his balance and slid down a steep cliff face. When hiking, you should never leave the trail. Click here to find more tips that will keep you safe when you hike.
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