Man and central Asian shepherd walk in the park. He keeps the dog on the leash.

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend. That sentiment aside, it’s important to remember that, best friends or otherwise, dogs are animals capable of inflicting harm on human beings. It’s not always malice. Evolution has instilled in dogs a complex programming of survival, defensive and protective instincts. The culmination of years of sometimes selective breeding make certain dogs dangerous, and other seemingly harmless dogs unpredictable. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we are certainly not suggesting that all dogs are dangerous. Though we do believe that one most approach and interact with dogs with a certain sense of caution and care. It’s best always to find out as much about a dog as possible, lest possibly aggravating it an unforeseen way and suffering the potentially devastating results.

The reality of the post-dog bite aftermath is that many victims are unable to win compensation for their injuries. The likelihood of attaining compensation is severely weakened when the victim seeks compensation without the aid of an attorney. Dog bite cases in particular have drastically high failure rates for those choosing to proceed with litigation solo.

Which is unfortunate, because depending on the size and breed of the dog, bites can cause grievous harm. Some attacks can even lead to injuries that keep victims out of work for long stretches of time. During this time, not only will the victim be confronted with medical bills, they will be unable to recoup the money necessary to pay them if they’re physically unfit for work. This makes injuries of this sort and severity doubly obstructive.

So, if you’ve bitten by a dog, what do you do? Of course the immediate first step should be seeking medical care. If stitches are required, they should be spaced loosely so as to allow seepage from the wound. This is due to the possibility of contagion found in a dog’s mouth. Looser stitches will allow any potentially harmful bacteria to exit the wound during the recovery process. Victims will also likely receive antibiotics and / or pain medication. Always defer to your doctor in all medical matters, including those of surgery protocol and antibiotic regimens.

We at Kaplan Lawyers PC wish you or your loved one a speedy recovery. Dog bites can be particularly traumatizing events, considering the affection with which most generally consider dogs. If you have been injured though, and you’re eligible for compensation, it’s important to maximize your returns. The skilled and compassionate New York City personal injury attorneys of Kaplan Lawyers PC can help make sure you get what you deserve. We will stand alongside you throughout your legal process and win you compensation that will help ease your financial burden. Our consultations are a free and easy way to get started, so contact us today.