If you’ve ever driven in New York City, you’ve likely noticed the sometimes dangerous cohabitation of drivers and bikers. Couriers, restaurant delivery workers, and recreational bikers alike put themselves at risk as they vie for roadway space in complex and oftentimes weaving patterns. When you factor in the courses taken by streams of pedestrians, you’ll begin to understand the chaotic nature of the everyday commute.

Sure, there are rules that dictate the road, but not every street has a designated or clearly delineated bike lane. Which means protocol is sometimes ceded to the drivers’ and bikers’ own discretion- and a disagreement in etiquette can very well end in disaster.

There are just so many blind spots where trouble could be lurking. Parked cars opening their doors can ambush even cautious bikers. The myriad impulses of countless road vehicles makes for permutations of danger that even the most seasoned vet couldn’t ever wholly foresee.

Downtown Brooklyn, which is experiencing a renaissance in cycling interest, is in turn degrading into a hotbed of bicycle and car collisions. In fact, of all NYC automotive accidents involving a bicycle last year, 1/3 of those accidents occurred in Brooklyn. This recent heightened rate of collisions, and the potentially injurious near-misses, calls for countermeasures to be taken. The Department of Transportation is looking into possible solutions, aiming to rectify the situation by keeping all those who share the road aware, alert and considerate.

We at Kaplan Lawyers PC preach awareness as well. The best way to avoid an accident is to pay attention, avoid aggressive behavior, and stick to bike paths whenever possible. Drivers should respect the shared relationship of the road and never encroach into bicycle-specific space. Harmony can be achieved and injuries avoided if all participants in traffic maintain a healthy level of respect.

In case an accident does take place, however, we’re here to help you understand the full extent of your rights and secure for you the financial remuneration that you deserve. So if you’re a biker who has been injured, a driver who has sustained property damage, or land anywhere in between, contact us for a free and easy consultation.