medical malpractice

When we get sick, or we’ve been injured, we are are often at our most vulnerable. In times of accident, and ailment, we find ourselves in desperation, wherein we place our trust, and sometimes very literally our lives, into the hands of doctors. No doctor would maliciously betray that trust, but the fact remains: the doctors we turn to in times of need are not infallible. And sometimes their negligence can cause a worsening of our situations.

Oversight, misdiagnosis or under-diagnosis, hastiness due to hospital under-staffing. These are some of the possible causes of what is commonly termed ‘medical malpractice.’

Take for example this scenario that occurred at Rhode Island Hospital: an 86-year old man with a clot in his brain went in for neurosurgery. The presiding neurosurgeon, assuring the attending nurses that he recalled which side of the brain the clot was in, neglected to carefully mark which side of the head was to be operated on. This resulted in a surgery taking place on the wrong lobe. While this was not a case of outright malevolence, the hubristic act resulted in grievous blood loss and the eventual death of the man. It was an avoidable tragedy. This doctor would assuredly be held responsible for such a mistake.

Or what about the apocryphal stories of medical equipment getting left behind in surgery patients? There are countless tales of surgical pliers, sponges, etc. being found in the bodies of post-surgery patients, having been neglectfully forgotten. More absent-minded than malicious, these errors can nevertheless have deleterious effects on patients. Which, in turn, can cause a prolonging of your medical process- unnecessarily compounding your medical bills.

This is why we at Kaplan Lawyers PC implore you to contact us if you or someone you love has suffered setbacks due to medical malpractice. If you’re not sure whether or not your case qualifies, you should contact us for a free evaluation. This consultation is an easy way for you to learn your rights as a patient. Getting sick or hurt is hard enough. Don’t let someone else’s error irreparably damage your life. Hospital bills can be expensive, and by taking action, you can win compensation that will relieve you of this financial burden.