The scene was grim. A 64 year old Queens man killed while crossing the westbound lane of Northern Boulevard in a hit-and-run accident. It was a nightmare scenario, his bereft family now without their beloved husband and father but also, without answers.  By all accounts Kumar Ragunath was a kind-hearted, openhanded man, known in his community for his genial and generous nature. If for nothing else, this situation reinforces the importance of staying within the gridded crosswalk while attempting to cross busy roads. Mr. Ragunath’s life serves as a reminder of how precious life is, and how vital it is to remain vigilant at all times.

Motor-vehicle related deaths are becoming an epidemic in New York City- the numbers speak volumes. Between 2009-2011, hundreds of pedestrians have been killed by motor vehicles. Here is the breakdown by borough during that time period:

The Bronx: 80

Manhattan: 93

Brooklyn: 132

Staten Island: 21

Queens: 125

Bill DeBlasio is well aware of the problem and has been working hard, in tandem with New York State, to create a safer environment for pedestrians. In fact, he has averred that reducing pedestrian deaths to literally “zero” would be a pillar of his administration. By altering street configurations and reducing speed limits, DeBlasio feels this seemingly ambitious goal of no pedestrian deaths is an achievable one. A lot of, he adds, has to do with awareness on the part of the community. He’s already made strides in raising awareness, demonstrating how focal a point he figures this to be during his tenure in office.

The group he’s been working alongside is the MVAIC, or the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. The MVAIC, created in 1958 by New York State, is a non-profit organization that aims to assist those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds- including pedestrians who’ve been struck by vehicles.

At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we are in full support of DeBlasio and New York State’s effort to prevent accidents of this ilk. In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, we agree with the MVAIC that victims should be cared and provided for during their time of need. Our team of attorneys have experience in dealing with MVAIC and have a reputation for earning their clients the compensation they need and deserve. If you’ve been hit by a moving vehicle, filing a claim with the MVAIC in prompt fashion is of paramount importance. These time requirements and certain other parameters of eligibility may not be clear or apparent to the everyday citizen. We would love to walk you through the process, to help ensure you get the maximum amount of aid available.

As Bill DeBlasio stated, prevention is the best solution, a sentiment with which we wholeheartedly concur. But if an accident has happened, it is necessary to take immediate action, so that you’re able to maintain financial security. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, our consultations are easy and always free, so if you or a loved one are suffering, please don’t hesitate to contact us.