Dangerous Intersection May Get Safety Renovation

A notoriously dangerous intersection on the Brooklyn-Queens border might be getting a major safety uplift in the coming months, according to officials. Currently under review is the confluence of Myrtle and Wyckoff avenues and Palmetto street, a six-headed monster of an intersection that has been the cause of many a calamity over the past few years.

To put it to a number: 24 crashes have taken place within this intersection since just 2010- an alarmingly high figure for a single locale. Three pedestrians have been killed in these accidents. Which is why lawmakers are scrambling to improve the safety levels of the crossing.

Commuters who rely on the L train often cross Myrtle where it meets Wyckoff on foot, and this high volume of pedestrians, combined with the ambient traffic in the zone, combines for highly hazardous conditions. The proposed remodeling of the intersection would make the area entirely vehicle-free, connecting the opposing sides of these streets, creating a plaza which citizens could traverse carefree. Those looking to transfer from subway to bus will no longer have to cross any dangerous roads!

This new idea comes after a previous legislation failed to adequately reduce danger. In 2014, many types of turns were illegalized, but the crashes just kept on coming. To test the viability of a pedestrian-only plaza, county officials will close off traffic and set out tables and chairs. In this manner, they will attempt to transition portions of this intersection, from roadway to recreational zone. Some speculative optimists have gone even further, envisioning potential farmer’s markets, picnic areas, or verdant mini-parks.

Whatever the road becomes, a reduction in fatalities is the primary focus. Curbing these staggering accident rates is of utmost importance.

Myrtle Avenue, one of the three offending roads, is riddled with problematic intersections; residents have levied complaints about more than just this junction. As policy makers and road renovators work to reduce the danger of this one intersection, you can read on here to see how to improve your safety on an individual basis.


Intersection Etiquette Safety Refresher

In America, where we drive on the right sight of the road, left-hand turns are more dangerous than right-hand turns. Why? Because making a left-hand turn oftentimes requires threading yourself through gaps in oncoming traffic. Intersections, especially complex ones, are therefore the most likely location for injurious crashes, and many intersections across the country are hotbeds for vehicular mayhem.

What follows are a few tips to keep in mind while driving, which you can use to safely navigate these exponentially more dangerous areas:

  • Use your signals! Signals are the most effective tools at your disposal for communicating your intentions while driving. Don’t underestimate their importance, and don’t neglect to use them. Especially when making turns through heavily-trafficked intersections.
  • Remember: Before turning through an intersection, stay as far to your side as possible, while staying within your lane. That means, if you’re making a left, try to stay on the left, and if you’re making a right, stay right. This will decrease the likelihood of taking a glancing blow from oncoming traffic.
  • Be vigilant. Stay alert at all times- keep your eyes open, your music at a reasonable volume, and your hands on the wheel. You should never use your phone or electronic devices while driving, and this advice goes double for those making turns.
  • Stay sharp. Do not “swing” into turns. Make compact turns, focusing on precision.
  • Hold your line. Do not stray from within the boundaries of your lane in the lead-up to traffic lights.
  • Drive slowly. It’s old but reliable advice: approach all intersections, and take all turns, at prudently slow speeds.
  • Wait for the all clear. Make sure the intersection is safe before engaging in a turn. Don’t try to “beat” an oncoming car by attempting to jump through a narrow gap in traffic. Instead, wait for traffic to clear through the intersection, and then safely complete your turn. If this means waiting through another red light, so be it. A few extra minutes of wait-time means nothing compared to your own safety.


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