Moving bus.


On Monday morning, two NJ Transit buses collided in an accident that caused many injuries and major traffic delays. Two factors combined to turn this bus accident from an ordinary catastrophe to a full-on nightmare. First, the fact that the two vehicles involved were buses greatly amplified the amount of total passengers. 44 total injuries were reported, though, miraculously, none were killed. (Only three of these injuries were classified as ‘serious.’ The most grievous injury reported was a broken jaw.)
The second factor in play was the location of the crash. One bus rear-ended the other, while attempting an unsafe lane change, and the resultant accident scene blocked the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel’s center tube. The result? A complete shut down of the tunnel and delays of up to almost two hours.
Rescue workers’ response to the accident could rightly be considered bold: amidst a scene of shattered window shields and scattered belongings, the FDNY was forced to cut the door off of one of the buses to free the frazzled bus riders within.
As the buses were hauled off from the scene and the gridlock cleared, New Yorkers and New Jerseyans alike dusted themselves and resolutely picked up their commute. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide of bus safety tips. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you safe when you take mass transit.


  • Of course, physical safety doesn’t begin and end once you’re aboard a bus itself. Bus stops are known targets for thieves, looking to pickpocket the idle and preoccupied. To decrease the likelihood of being preyed upon while waiting for a bus, try to look up bus arrival times beforehand so as to minimize the time you spend waiting around. This advice goes double for nighttime riders. If a bus stop you encounter is poorly lit, or not well-maintained, consider choosing another stop down the line, if possible.
  • Don’t run after a departing bus. Most accidents happen as tardy riders go chasing after a bus as it leaves the curb. Not only will doing this take you into the road, and potentially into the path of oncoming traffic, but often times your isolated focus on the bus will leave you susceptible to being blindsided by cyclists or other pedestrians. That’s to say nothing of the various slip, trips and falls that can occur when running over uneven (curb-to-road) terrain.
  • So, you made it on the bus. Now hang on tight! If you cannot find a seat on the bus, make sure you’re able to stand with a firm grasp on a pole, handle or strap. If a bus seems dangerously over-crowded, to the point where it seems unlikely you’ll be able to find yourself a secure location, consider taking the next bus. It may seem like a terrible waste of time, but your safety should always be valued and prioritized.
  • Always stand behind the white line at the front of the bus, and refrain from engaging with the bus driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Adhere to the well-known NYC maxim: if you “See Something, Say Something.” This could mean something as potentially disastrous as a bomb or other explosive device, or as comparatively minor as a pickpocket. If you feel like your personal space has been unlawfully violated, say something to a fellow rider or to the bus driver.
  • Keep your arms and head inside the bus windows at all times.
  • To limit your likelihood of being targeted by thieves yourself, try to keep your valuables out of sight. Don’t count money out in the open and try not to flash expensive jewelry / watches / cell phones.
  • Do not stand in the bus’ rear stairwell.
  • At the termination of your trip, there are other safety tips to remember. Hold onto the handles while exiting the bus, as bus stops may be slippery in rainy or icy conditions.
  • Make sure to stay alert as you leave the bus. Be on the lookout for cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles. Do not cross the street from between cars. Always utilize designated crosswalks.


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