Kitchen Fire

New York City is a mecca for international cuisine, a hotbed of exciting multi-ethnic choices representing an impressively high percentage of the world’s cultures. While certain neighborhoods are famous cultural enclaves -Little Italy obviously prominently features Italian cuisine, Astoria is famous for its Greek food- it’s possible to find hidden treasures scattered throughout all five boroughs. Even the most stalwart defenders of hot dogs and pizza would be hard-pressed saying those curbside creations were emblematic of New York at its very best.

And New York City, populous as it is, is no stranger to large crowds requesting tables. The frenzied and fast-paced nature of restaurants, which often cater to these hordes of high-demand customers, can lead to dangerously frenetic scenes. A New York City kitchen, as one could imagine, is replete with hazardous materials: ovens, open flames, myriad heavy-duty tools used for cutting and rending.

Sometimes, the confluence of super-heated stovetop grease and the ambient grease in the air and accreted over time onto the fixtures and into the duct-work of kitchens, results in a highly combustible environment and fires that rage far outside the generally predictable range chefs are normally in control of. Such was the case in world-famous Barbetta’s last year, where a grease fire shocked cooks and scuttled guests from their seats. Arson investigators at the time said it was indeed an accumulation of grease that led to the outburst of flames. Firefighters had the blaze under control in less than an hour. The conflagration caused only minor structural damage but was so large, guests were forced to vacate the restaurant. It was quite a scene: a multitude of people fleeing onto the streets of Hell’s Kitchen one cold evening in November.

The quick reactions of the staff and the evacuation precautions taken led to, thankfully, no one getting injured.

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