crowd security

New York City is home to many outdoor music festivals, all of which take advantage of New York’s warm summers and beautiful backdrops: the perfect setting for friends to gather outside and listen to their favorite bands. Electric Zoo, Central Park SummerStage, and Governor’s Ball are just a few examples. Together, they cater to a wide and eclectic range of musical tastes.

And while music is a great unifying force with tremendous potential for fun, it can also incite passion in people. A passion which, if gone unchecked, can sometimes lead to reckless behavior. Music has an ability to stir up fervent emotions. And fervent emotions, multiplied by the numbers of a large crowd, can equal chaos if proper safety personnel aren’t on hand to contain the situation.

Well-enforced safety regulations are essential for these large festival-style concerts. In the dense scrum of an audience, the maintenance of civil order can be difficult. But it is the responsibility of the governing body of the festival grounds to make sure no one gets hurt. Sufficient amounts of trained security guards and bouncers should be on hand to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It’s possible to be surprised and overwhelmed by the strength of large crowds. What may seem like a tranquil assembly of show-goers can become a potentially-injurious force when the music picks up and the multitude moves in unison.

Dehydration may seem significantly less menacing, but its danger is just as profound. Those in charge of large, outdoor festivals must remain aware of the dangers of dehydration. Water should be made available to all in attendance, especially as the temperature climbs and the summer sun beats imperiously down. Avid fans are prone to getting wrapped up in their collective excitement. That is why water must be well-marked, easily attained, and plentiful.

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