New York is filled with picturesque places to roller blade: the dual riverside activity paths, the sprawling city parks, the myriad routes from home to office. Be it exercise, recreation, or as a means of travel, rollerblading can prove a truly satisfying endeavor. That’s why flocks of New Yorkers hit the streets to blade each and every day. And though it’s an activity mainly linked with beatific scenes of sport and leisure, rollerblading is not entirely free of danger.

One brand of roller blades popular among NYC rollerbladers has been recalled, due to potential malfunctions and their injurious consequences. If you’re an avid rollerblader, it may behoove you to double-check your gear. If you’re using this particular recalled type of roller blade, it is high time for a switch. Here are the specifics on the make and model:

Rollerblade® Tempest Inline Skates

Evidently, defective mounting holes are the cause of the problem. Misalignment during the production process has caused the boot to separate from the frame, resulting in an instability that greatly increases the chances of a fall. Any rollerblader could tell you that an unstable frame is the recipe for roll and tweak injuries. It’s important to always keep the ankle firmly supported.

Don’t let a good time turn sour.

At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we urge you to try and avoid injury.  If you’re sporting Tempest Inline Skates, Rollerblade is offering free inspection and replacements. So don’t risk your own wellbeing by riding on potentially flaw-ridden blades.

But if you’ve already been injured, it may be time to take action. Product recall cases can be tricky. Because of the high volume of attention recall suits often garner, acquiring the damages you deserve may require retaining legal counsel. If you’ve been hurt due to faulty rollerblades, and are suffering under the weight of related medical bills, Kaplan Lawyers PC may be able to alleviate your financial burdens. If you’re struggling, or you’re unsure as to the extent of your rights, give us a call. Our consultations are always free, and they’re easy.

We’ll have you rollerblading again in no time.