Superbowl Party Injury

Super Bowl Sunday is arguably our biggest party weekend of the winter. After 50 years of them, most people don’t care who the combatants are. It’s just a reason to gather with friends to share food, drink, fun, and beat back the winter blahs. Many times, alcohol is a prominent element to Super Bowl revelry, so we all must keep safety in mind.

Several organizations, including the NFL, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), have joined to cooperatively call attention to the important message: “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.” They encourage Super Bowl party hosts to plan their parties to reduce the number of guests who consume too much alcohol, putting themselves and others at grave risk when they get behind the wheel to head home. So here are several tips to help keep you, your guests, and others safe from the hazards of drunk driving.

When you invite your guests, ask them to designate a sober driver
And if they can’t; suggest alternatives such as a taxi. Or that they have an Uber or Lyft App on their smartphone to get them home safely. Never allow guests to drive drunk.

Show designated drivers they’re MVPs by giving them the “best seats in the house.”

Reward them with “front row” seats for the game. This makes them easy to identify, especially if you give them a name tag with “DD” on it to make sure they’re not served alcohol.

Serve plenty of food.

Food reduces the effects of alcohol. Have many types of snacks, goodies and more substantial food available throughout your Super Bowl party. And keep the buffet stocked.

Give your guests lots of drink choices – not just beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Options such as water, juice and soft drinks can be a big hit. If you serve mixed drinks with hard liquor, go heavy on the “mixer” and lighter on the liquor. Never pour more than a “jigger” (ounce) no matter how large the glass is. And if you’re the bartender, take note of what people are drinking to make sure the alcohol is not being consumed too fast.

One drink at a time.

Serve only one drink at a time to each guest. DO NOT let them stockpile. Not only can it reduce the amount of alcohol your guests consume, it saves you money!

Never serve alcohol to anyone under 21.

You could face legal repercussions if you do, especially if they get in an accident. And keep a sharp eye out to prevent them from drinking (or pilfering) alcohol “on the down low.”

When the fourth quarter arrives, it’s time for dessert and coffee.

Offer coffee, cookies, cupcakes or other types of desserts after the third quarter. If no alcohol after the third quarter is good for NFL stadiums, why not for your Super Bowl party? Real friends won’t complain if you start serving killer desserts with coffee in lieu of booze.

Plan ahead in case any of your guests are impaired and want to drive anyway.

If you can collect car keys at the beginning of the party, that’s a very good idea. It’s easier than wrestling them out of the grasp of a friend who’s a bit “tipsy” and wants to drive home. Before your party starts, work out what you will do if this situation arises, and enlist help to make it stick. Hopefully, if you do everything else suggested here, this won’t be a problem.

And for those of you who drive to a Super Bowl party, keep your defensive driving skills in mind and prepare yourself for anything. Even if you do everything right, a careless Super Bowl Sunday drunk driver might still crash into your life. If you need legal assistance, please call The Kaplan Law Firm at (516) 399-2364 or fill out our online contact form.