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Knowledge is power.  One of our goals at Kaplan Lawyers PC is to share with our fellow New Yorkers knowledge about topics that can keep them safe and healthy.  After all, if you’re injured in an accident, you’re likely to feel powerless, and there’s nothing like a vehicle accident to set you back physically, financially and emotionally.

Recently we have put together some important information about New York motor vehicle accidents in the form of a visual presentation on SlideShare.  Take a look at it HERE.

Following are some of the “take-away” points from the SlideShare graphics.  We hope you and your family will be informed by this data and even inspired to alter your own behavior to protect your safety and extend your life.  Now that’s power!

How many car accidents do you think take place in an average year? Hundreds? Thousands? The real answer may surprise you. The fact of the matter is that in New York State alone over 300,000 vehicular accidents occur every year. Per annum, car accidents leave approximately 1,200 New Yorkers dead and 170,00 injured. These statistics, while startling, tell only a fraction of the story. The dead leave behind countless grieving family members and friends, and survivors of crashes are often left with lasting injuries and unshakable emotional distress. In fact, 15% of all traumatic brain injuries in America are the result of a vehicular accident of some kind.  Perhaps the most somber figure of all? Your odds of dying in a car crash are 1 in 50.

What may seem like scare tactics are, in reality, only a stern assessment of the facts. And with any luck, a healthy understanding of these facts will force to drivers to countenance their own driving behavior. If these numbers seem alarming, remember that you can do your part in their reduction by remaining cautious, alert, and defensive.

Every car crash is a unique incident, though the variables in play help experts determine not only the probable severity of the accident but also which particularities contributed most directly to the majority of the damage. In this way, they can try to isolate the most dangerous aspects of driver behavior.

Scientific findings turned up three important factors which heavily influence the fate of those involved in car accidents.

1)     The types of cars involved. Intuition may tell you that smaller cars are less safe than larger ones, but this is often not the case. Pick-up trucks are among the least safe consumer vehicles, and many compact and midsized cars outrank SUVs in terms of overall safeness. Safety features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, air bags and stability control systems play huge parts in keeping riders safe.

2)     Speed.  Researchers found that the speed of the vehicles at time of impact was one of the biggest factors in determining the survival rate of passengers. And this time, it’s as you’d expect: Driving slower dramatically increases your chances of escaping an accident unharmed.

3)      Seatbelts.  Research has shown that the most important variable of all is whether or not passengers used the safety equipment provided. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Wearing your seatbelt could save your life. Yet some people insist on ignoring this potentially life-saving advice.


Most commonly, accidents are broken down into three distinct types, based on the positioning of the vehicles involved. The first type of accident we’ll take a look at is the “side-impact collision,” known colloquially as the “T-bone.” Side-impacts occur mostly in intersections; the perpendicular nature of a standard intersection exposes the broadside of a vehicle to danger, in the event that another vehicle unlawfully blows through a red light. And because intersections are heavy populated with traffic, one crash may multiply into pile-ups, amplifying the danger. Since airbags deploy all at once during initial impact, passengers will be left prone to harm during any ensuing vehicle-to-vehicle contact. Side-impact accidents are responsible for 325 deaths per year in New York State.


Rear-impact collisions may seem to be less harmful than T-bone accidents. A “rear-end” crash, however, may cause whiplash injuries, which can result in life-long disability. One-fifth of all people involved in rear-end collisions experience a whiplash injury to some degree. Due to a disparity in average height, and the relative positioning of head rests in relation to the neck, women are at higher risk for whiplash-related injuries than men. Injuries sustained from rear-end collisions aren’t limited to whiplash, however; passengers involved have often reported head injury, brain trauma, herniated discs and soft-tissue damage.


The third and most dangerous type of accident is the head-on collision. Though rare in relation to other types of accidents, head-on collisions are statistically deadlier. Intoxicated drivers, or those who try to push the limits of their fatigue and fall asleep while doing so, are the most likely to swerve into adjacent lanes and cause a head-on crash. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we cannot stress this enough: If you feel unfit to drive, pull over. Nothing is so important that’s it worth risking your life and the lives of others.


While the variables involved in car accidents are many, one thing remains the same. By remaining vigilant, adhering to all of the rules of the road, and always wearing the proper safety equipment, you greatly increase your chances of surviving a crash. Always obey posted speed limits. Never drink and drive or use your cell phone without also utilizing authorized hands-free devices. And always buckle up. It’s simple, well-worn advice. But adhering to these basic tenets could save your life.


Every type of car collision is different. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, our highly skilled and experienced attorneys have a proven track record of success in all forms of vehicular accident cases. Whatever the cause of your accident, we can help you through your time of need. No firm is as dedicated to winning as Kaplan Lawyers PC. We will doggedly fight to win you the compensation you deserve. Our consultations are a free and easy way to get started.