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“It’s ironic that no matter where I go, I meet people from Brooklyn. I’m proud of that heritage. It’s where I’m from, who I am.” – Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks)

The phrase “I’m from Brooklyn” is a badge of honor. It is a calling card that says you mean business and are not to be crossed. Whether you were born and raised here, moved here from someplace else, or even if you just came for a brief stay, there is no doubt that Brooklyn has made an impression that you will not soon forget.

Throughout every incarnation of Brooklyn – and there have been many – there is a common theme that emerges when you talk to the borough’s residents. When you live in Brooklyn, it feels like the epicenter of the universe.

Brooklyn embodies so many of the characteristics that people identify with not only New York, but the United States. For starters, it’s extremely diverse. There’s no other city in the United States that has proven to be more of a melting pot of ethnic, cultural and national identities. An incredibly varied, diverse population has shaped Brooklyn into what it is – a tough, wise and vibrant place that, in turn, shapes its residents into who they are as individuals.

History of Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s borders are those of King’s County, which has roots dating back to the 17th Century when it was a Dutch settlement. The name Brooklyn came from the original name of a town in that settlement called “Breuckelen.” However, today, the term King’s County is synonymous with Brooklyn.

Long before the Dutch settled in the region, even before Columbus sailed to North America, the area was inhabited by the Lenape, an indigenous tribe that included the Nayack and the Canarsee. These inhabitants fished the rivers and planted tobacco and corn. The arrival of the Dutch in the 1600’s proved to be a disastrous historical turn to the Lenape, who by the 1680’s had seen their claims to the region all but relinquished to the new settlers.

By 1674, the British had overtaken the region and consolidated several villages into King’s County. The diverse population of Brooklyn also dates to the 17th Century. Residents included Dutch, British, German, French and Scandinavian settlers, in addition to several black residents brought here by the slave trade.

In 1776, the Battle of Brooklyn saw the defeat of George Washington’s troops to the British Army during the Revolutionary War. Washington’s retreat, though lamented by the General himself at the time, is now recognized as a brilliant strategic move. Washington’s Army eventually regathered and rallied against opposing forces in other surrounding regions, though the British held control over New York until the conclusion of the war.

Throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, New York became increasingly urbanized and more populous. In 1800, the population of Brooklyn is estimated to have been around 5,740. A century later, it exceeded 1 million residents. Today, there are over 2.5 million people that call Brooklyn home.

We’re Proud to Serve Brooklyn

Just like the Brooklynites we serve, Kaplan Lawyers PC aren’t afraid to fight for what we believe in. We stand up for the motorist that has been injured by a negligent driver on Ocean Parkway, the pedestrian who was struck by a drunk driver on Flatbush Avenue and the construction worker whose employer put them in harm’s way on a project in Boerum Hill.

If there’s one lesson that we’ve learned in a city as busy and populous as Brooklyn, anything can happen. Our clients come to us for legal representation when they have been injured by a negligent person or business. Here are a few of the ways in which we serve clients…

Vehicle Accidents in Brooklyn

Car crashes happen for any number of reasons, most of which are due to human error. This includes drunk, distracted or reckless driving practices. Certain areas of Brooklyn tend to have higher rates of vehicle crashes than others. For example, the area around Barclays Center, particularly at the intersections of Atlantic Avenue & 4th Avenue and Flatbush & Atlantic avenues, are notorious for having a high number of vehicle crashes, per an article in DNAinfo. A driver’s mistakes can have terrible consequences for a victim, including debilitating injuries, medical bills and lost income. Brooklyn Accident Lawyer

Learn more about how we can assist victims of negligent driving:

Construction Worker Injuries in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is constantly under some form of construction, whether it’s new building construction or renovations. As construction workers know all too well, a construction site can be a dangerous environment. We have helped many workers receive the compensation they deserve after suffering a serious workplace injury. These injuries often occur due to falls, being struck by or against equipment, and electrocutions, to name a few examples.

Learn more about how we can assist injured construction workers in Brooklyn:

Helping Brooklyn Residents with Injury Claims

These are just a few of the services we offer our clients. Our attorneys also represent clients in other types of injury claims in Brooklyn. This includes:

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