Childbirth Fractures

Child Birth FracturesIf your baby suffered a fracture during the birthing process, it was likely caused by medical malpractice. In rare occasions it’s just a matter of the baby being born too large and the natural compression of birth fracturing a bone. However, more often fractures are caused by undo or excessive force on the part of the OBGYN, nurse, or delivering doctor. If you believe your baby suffered a fracture due to the latter, you may be entitled to benefits that will cover your medical expenses and compensate your family for the pain and suffering caused.

Types of Common Fractures

Although fractures in other areas of the body may occur, the parts of a baby most susceptible to fractures during childbirth include the:

  • Skull
  • Clavicle
  • Neck

Most fractures that occur during childbirth are avoidable and can be attributed to excessive force used with forceps or the mishandling of the vacuum extraction tools used during delivery.

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