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A dentist has an obligation to provide the safest and most effective treatments possible. If you believe that you or a loved one received negligent or substandard dental care, you may be entitled to benefits.

These benefits can help pay for any continued or corrective oral surgeries you may need, and will cover your original bills.

If you have suffered from any of these, or any other dental injury, we can advocate on your behalf and maximize your potential recovery.

At Kaplan Lawyers PC, our compassionate and trusted team of dental malpractice attorneys know how difficult these injuries can be, and we’ve handled virtually all types of claims.

Here are some injuries and conditions that victims of dental malpractice may suffer from:

  • Nerve damage to the lips or jaw
  • Illness from medication interactions
  • Misdiagnosis of oral cancer
  • Injuries stemming from root canal surgeries
  • Permanent numbness due to anesthesiologist error
  • Unnecessary removal of teeth
  • Unnecessary damage done to gums
  • Deformities resulting from surgery
  • Radiation injuries
  • Wrongful death

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Dentistry is an intricate and potentially injurious practice. A dentist should always be alert, attentive, and satisfactorily aware of your wellbeing. There is no reason you should be responsible for excess cost if your dental injury was caused by your dentists’ negligence. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, the consultation is free and there is no fee unless we win your case.

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