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To imagine an airplane accident is to think the unthinkable. Few tragedies are as heartbreaking and utterly inconceivable as an airplane crash. Too often, victims’ families are left reeling, inadequately cared for by the airlines and unsure of where to turn.

Sadly, most airplane accident victims lose their lives in the catastrophe. Those who are fortunate enough to survive endure horrific emotional trauma, and their physical injuries are typically severe.

Fortunately, aviation accidents are incredibly rare. Modern aviation is supported by remarkable advances in science, and these developments have rendered the likelihood of catastrophe extraordinarily low.

But airplane accidents do happen — almost always as a result of preventable negligence. Crashes can occur in major commercial jumbo jets or in private, single-engine aircraft. They happen on runways, during takeoff, while in the air, and while landing. Determining the exact cause of a crash can be difficult, but it is always worth the effort.

As New York airplane accident attorneys, we understand the immense sorrow and devastation that these terrible tragedies leave in their wake. Our practice is designed to recover maximal financial compensation for victims or their families while still allowing the family to grieve. Our goal is to shoulder the burden of litigation so that you can continue to honor your loved one’s life.

No one deserves to suffer the shock and hardship of an aviation accident alone.

Why Airplane Accident Lawsuits Can Be Challenging

Airlines are liable for the negligence of their employees, including pilots, safety inspectors, flight attendants, and others. Likewise, the government may be responsible for the failures of air traffic controllers, FAA officials, or regulatory authorities. Manufacturers, too, can be held accountable for defects in the construction of the plane or its safety and testing procedures.

Accordingly, airplane accident lawsuits usually name airline companies, airports, major aircraft manufacturers, and/or the federal government as defendants. Unfortunately, plaintiffs face an uphill battle, because of each of these parties is remarkably well armed with a giant team of lawyers and an effective shield of red tape.

That’s why it’s so important to hire an NYC Aviation accident attorney with an experienced understanding of aviation accidents. Victory in these cases is not impossible. Indeed, juries are often extremely sympathetic to the plaintiffs and inherently skeptical of corporate bigwigs. But the spectacular complexity of these cases demands that you have seasoned legal minds on your side.

Investigations into aviation accidents tend to become extraordinarily sophisticated. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we work with industry experts who can leverage their experience and credentials to help you understand the investigation as it’s in progress and to showcase the results in a way that bolsters your claim for compensation.

The defendants will try to evade their full scope of responsibility under the law. But by hiring experienced New York aviation accident attorneys, you can hold them accountable.

Never accept a settlement offer from an airport, airline, manufacturer, insurance representative, or any other party or official without talking to an attorney first.

If you have received such an offer, it almost certainly represents far less than the full amount to which you may be entitled. Contact the New York airplane accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC right away.

Contact Our New York Airplane Accident Lawyers

For days, weeks, months, and even years after an airplane accident, the healing process can be arduous and slow. Sometimes, grieving family members are tempted to forsake their legal rights in order to spare themselves the rigors of lawsuit or trial.

Your rights matter too much for you to give up on them. We understand your concern, though. At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we will work tirelessly to assume as much of the burden as possible. You’ll stay informed and in control, but the headaches and legal battles are ours to fight for you, according to your wishes.

Our goal is to maximize your financial compensation and help you move toward the best possible tomorrow.

Family members of deceased accident victims are entitled to compensation under New York wrongful death law. Airline and airport employees who are injured in the line of duty may be entitled to compensation pursuant to workers compensation. Survivors of aviation accidents, meanwhile, may be able to seek substantial recovery under New York personal injury law. Whatever your situation may be, our office can help.

We do not charge for our services unless and until there is a successful outcome in your case. Time limits apply when filing these claims, though, so please do not delay.

Contact our office to set up a free consultation with our New York airplane accident attorneys today.

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