In the spring of 2013, New York City introduced a new program called Citi Bike, which allows residents and tourists to rent bicycles to help get around the city. The Citi Bike program has gotten off to a great start in New York, with thousands of available bikes and hundreds of stations located across Manhattan. However, there is a danger in introducing so many new bicyclists to the already highly populated roadways of New York City.

Many of these renters are inexperienced, and as residents know, New York City can be a treacherous place to traverse even for experienced cyclists. So while the Citi Bike program has done a lot of good by reducing gas emissions and wear and tear on roadways, it has also increased the opportunity for bicycle / motorist collisions. The bike injury attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC have the experience necessary to help anyone injured as a result of a bike accident.

Both motorists and bicyclists have an obligation to try and avoid accidents. Those operating motor vehicles should remain vigilant and adhere to all rules of the road. They should also be careful in observing designated bike lanes. Cyclists should be thorough in their use of hand signals, and try their best to avoid undue contact with all vehicles. Weaving in and out through traffic is a dangerous and reckless practice.

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