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Every finished structure you encounter required some amount of scaffolding to aid in its creation. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk involved in using such equipment. Both passers-by and construction workers are at risk while in the presence of scaffolding. Whoever is in charge of a construction site has an obligation to maintain a safe environment, complete with secure equipment. If you or a loved one has been injured working with or walking past scaffolding, you may be entitled recover more than just workers’ compensation benefits. Let the scaffold accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC handle your claim to ensure that you receive all of the benefits that you need and deserve.

There are numerous ways scaffolding can fail. Part of a supervisor’s job is to ensure that scaffolding was erected properly and that all required locks remain engaged. All parts of scaffolding must be firmly battened down and there must be even footing available across all areas. If scaffolding must be moved, all loose items must be taken off the scaffolding beforehand. Exterior scaffoldings must be anchored to the sides of buildings if left unattended. Guard rails must be installed to prevent a worker from falling over the side. These guardrails must be regularly checked and maintained if necessary. There should be someone on-site double checking that the scaffolding is not loaded over its weight capacity. Panels or canopies should be used in conjunction with scaffoldings as a safeguard against falling debris.

As you can see, with scaffolding comes a wide set of dangers, for both the person working on the scaffolding as well as the people working in the vicinity. It is an employer’s responsibility to keep the area involved as safe as possible.

Types of Scaffolding Accidents Injuries

So, if you’ve been injured on or near scaffolding in any of the following ways, you may be entitled to compensation:

  • Fall from scaffolding
  • Hit by debris knocked loose from scaffolding
  • Electrocuted while using scaffolding

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At Kaplan Lawyers PC, we represent all types of scaffolding-related injuries. Scaffolding may be a necessary component to the construction of new buildings, but if you have been injured as a result of work being done in connection with scaffolding, you are entitled to compensation. Contact our scaffolding injury lawyers for a free consultation to learn your rights and find out what benefits you are entitled to. Remember, there is no legal fee unless we win your case.

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