Hurt In A New York Car Accident?


If you’ve been in a car accident in New York City, you’re likely experiencing a great deal of stress and concern about what to do next. You might be wondering whether a New York City car accident lawyer can help you get the financial compensation you need to cover your losses — damage to your car, medical expenses, income lost because you couldn’t work, or other consequences of another driver’s negligence.

The answer to that is yes. The New York City car accident attorneys of Kaplan Law are here to help. We know the Big Apple isn’t the most hospitable environment for drivers. We’ve lived and worked in the City for years, so we know how many hazards NYC drivers face. Not only that, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you who were injured in a crash on our busy streets. We know the ropes.

We want to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible. That’s why we offer a free consultation so you can tell us about the accident and your injuries, and we can lay out the options you have going forward. Some of the best car accident lawyers in New York City are at Kaplan Lawyers, and we’re here to help you and your family. For a free assessment of your situation, call us at (212) 563-1900.


Why Call Kaplan Lawyers After a NYC Car Accident?

With thousands of lawyers to choose from, why call Kaplan Lawyers? The car accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers have decades of legal experience and are highly skilled. They have a winning track record and provide top-notch client service. You may have asked friends to recommend an attorney. Many of the people we have helped in the past recommend us to their friends and family members. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experience with Kaplan Lawyers.

Our attorneys have won large settlements and jury awards on behalf of clients who have been injured in car accidents, and they are prepared to work hard to see that you get the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through. Call us today or use the online contact form to find out how we can help you.

How Much Compensation Could I Receive For My Car Accident?

Put simply, that depends on the details. Every vehicle crash is different, and so the financial compensation is going to vary. Generally, the more severe the injury and the higher the medical bills, the greater the financial compensation will be. If multiple passengers were injured, that can affect the financial award, too. There are other factors that come into play, such as who was at fault, weather conditions, whether a motorist has a history of driving violations and whether substance abuse was involved, just to name a few. Financial compensation for a car crash can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some severe cases, compensation can be a million dollars or more. If you would like to learn more about the potential financial compensation for your specific crash and injuries, call a New York City car accident lawyer at Kaplan Lawyers at (212) 563-1900 for a free assessment of your claim.

What Expenses Can Car Accident Victims Be Paid For?

If you’ve been in a serious New York car accident, you already know how it can complicate life. Damage to your vehicle was probably the least of it. Vehicle crashes have many consequences, and sometimes it can seem like there’s no end to it. If your crash was caused by a negligent driver, a skilled New York City car accident lawyer like the ones at Kaplan Lawyers can make sure you’re compensated for all the expenses you have faced and are likely to experience in the future. These are referred to as “damages.” Damages include many different types of costs, including…

  • Medical expenses – Medical bills are some of the biggest expenses facing people that have been injured in car accidents. It’s not unusual for a New York car accident to leave victims with bills for doctor visits, hospitalization, rehabilitation, physical therapy, tests, treatments and medications. All of these things can be included in your claim against the parties responsible for your injuries.
  • Property damage – Even collisions that result in what seems to be “just a dent” can leave a driver with a repair bill in the thousands. Add to that the reduced value of a wrecked vehicle when you trade it in, even if it was completely repaired. Regardless of the extent of the property damage you have faced, under New York law you are entitled to hold the at-fault driver responsible for the costs of repair bills or the replacement of your vehicle.
  • Lost income – If you were hurt in a car accident, it’s likely you had to miss time at work — for doctors appointments or while you were in the hospital or laid up, recuperating. For some workers, this means lost income. Victims of very serious car accidents might never be able to do the same kind of work or to work at full capacity. Permanent disability is a tragic result of some catastrophic crashes. At Kaplan Lawyers, we make sure that all past and future income lost because of a driver’s negligence is factored into your claim.
  • Pain and suffering – In addition to monetary losses, a New York car accident can have consequences that aren’t so apparent. What your accident has cost you in emotional pain and suffering can also be considered damages in a car accident claim. Vehicle crashes are traumatic and painful events. Their effects can last for years in the form of PTSD and cause victims an incredible amount of suffering. Though these damages aren’t as clearly defined as financial-related consequences of a crash, they are no less important.

A good car accident lawyer will make sure your demand reflects all of the costs you are facing. Make sure you hire a car accident lawyer who knows how to prepare your case so that your compensation will cover all of the damages you are owed.

A New York City Car Accident Lawyer At Kaplan Lawyers Can Help

We know that suing another driver and their insurance company can feel overwhelming, especially if you are injured, going to lots of doctor appointments, and don’t feel well. That’s where we can be of service. Let us handle the paperwork and help you determine how much you deserve in damages. Contact Kaplan Lawyers today by calling (212) 563-1900 or filling out our online contact form.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer In New York City Cost?

Here’s the good news! Not only is your initial consultation free, at Kaplan Lawyers we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t charge anything up front — we don’t get paid until you get paid. We think that’s only fair. Our attorney’s fees are paid by the defendant as part of a settlement agreement or jury award. If we don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything. You really have nothing to lose and much to gain by letting Kaplan Lawyers handle your NYC accident claim.

How Does A Settlement Work?

A settlement usually requires a significant amount of negotiations between the legal representatives of the parties involved in the lawsuit. These typically take place in a lawyer’s office or conference room. The process can be quick (resolved in a matter of several days or weeks) or take more time (several months or longer), depending on the complexities of the case. An offer to settle may be made at any point in the litigation process — even after a trial has started. Whether or not the offer is sufficient to meet your needs is up to you and your New York City car accident lawyer to determine. This is one of the reasons it is so important to have an experienced advocate on your side. Kaplan Lawyers have negotiated many settlements that secured the financial future of a family devastated by a car accident.

What Is The Process After I Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

At Kaplan Lawyers, we work to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. First, you will meet in person with your car accident lawyer and review the facts of the case. We will listen as you describe what happened and how your life has changed since the accident. As we listen and gather details, we will begin to formulate a powerful legal argument on your behalf. We will examine pictures of the accident scene, interview eyewitnesses, review New York City case law, read the police report, pore over evidence, and even hire expert witnesses if needed. Our car accident attorneys leave no stone unturned when finding evidence and reports that will help build a strong case for you. During the process, we will stay in contact with you so you will know what is going on in your case. We understand that you may be anxious and fearful about the legal process, so we are always available to answer any questions you may have. We value the trust you put in Kaplan Lawyers and work hard to relieve you of the burdens forced upon you by a negligent driver.

Is It Really Necessary To Get a Lawyer Involved?

If you have been involved in a serious car accident in New York City, then we don’t need to tell you just how painful, costly and frustrating it can be. You are likely experiencing many obstacles dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck. You probably have mounting medical bills, have missed work, incurred costly property damage, and are suffering more than your share of pain. Are you really able to devote the time and energy necessary to get the compensation you need? Do you know the legal theories that can work to your advantage and bring some normalcy back to your life? We do. And we can.

Studies have found that car accident victims are much more likely to win a significant settlement when an attorney is handling their case. Personal injury law can be complex, and there are deadlines you must comply with. By hiring a New York City car accident lawyer and filing a personal injury claim, you are maximizing the chances that you will receive the payment you are entitled to. You are also ensuring that the at-fault party is held accountable for their careless actions.

Don’t feel bad about filing a lawsuit and asking the careless person’s insurance company to pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering. That’s why motorists have car insurance – to take care of things when a crash occurs. Of course, dealing with insurance companies is sometimes a challenge, so that’s another reason to let Kaplan Lawyers step in and do the negotiating.

Kaplan Lawyers Have Years Of Experience Handling All Types Of New York City Car Accidents

In our many years of handling car accident claims in New York, Kaplan Lawyers have seen a lot of different types of crashes. The most common involves two vehicles, with one of the drivers being responsible due to negligence of some sort. Common examples include rear-end crashes, T-bone accidents and head-on collisions.

Even in a hit and run crash where the at-fault driver flees the scene, a skilled New York City car accident lawyer can pursue certain options to get compensation for the victim. Depending on the terms of the policy, the innocent driver’s own insurance company could be a source of payment. The language used in insurance policies can be confusing, but a personal injury lawyer knows how to make sense of it and can advise whether this is an option in your case.

Even crashes involving just one car can result in a personal injury claim. Single-vehicle crashes often happen because a driver has to take action to avoid a collision with another vehicle, one with a negligent driver behind the wheel. For example, if a motorist veers into your lane and you swerve to avoid a collision with it but you hit a guardrail, you shouldn’t have to pay the costs for that driver’s careless actions.

The New York City car accident lawyers at Kaplan Lawyers have handled a wide variety of vehicle accidents. We want to meet with you in person to hear your story. If you can’t visit one of our many offices in New York City, our attorney will gladly come to you. Contact a car accident attorney at Kaplan Lawyers today by calling (212) 563-1900 or filling out our online contact form.

New York City Driving Safety

Driving Injuries infographic
Traffic jams, honking horns, endless streams of pedestrians – these are just a few of the many frustrating hallmarks of New York City’s streets. Navigating these obstacles is difficult. It requires focus and patience. Most importantly, it means knowing the risks we face so we can be prepared and avoid them whenever possible. Our Infographic looks at some of the most severe injuries in New York car accidents, along with a few of the most common types of wrecks.


Know Negligence When You See It – How Car Crashes Happen

We’ve used the term “negligence” many times here, and you might be wondering exactly what that is under the law. If someone breaks the rules of the road, disregards their duty to drive safely, and causes a car accident, they have likely been negligent behind the wheel. To get an idea of common forms of driver negligence, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common causes of car accidents.

  • Impaired driving – Drunk or impaired driving is one of the most common causes of serious car accidents. A driver can be impaired by alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication or even over-the-counter drugs. Drivers should always be aware of how the substances they have taken will affect their driving performance.
  • Distracted driving – Drivers can be distracted in countless ways – particularly in a busy urban area like New York City. When a driver fails to keep their eyes on the road, their mind on the task of driving and their hands on the wheel, they pose a danger to everyone they share the road with. Though mobile devices are perhaps the most common cause of distraction and a leading cause of crashes, drivers might also be distracted by eating, drinking, looking in the mirror, operating a car radio, talking on the phone or taking on too many passengers.
  • Speeding – Though people almost always think of speeding as exceeding a given speed limit, the truth is more complicated than that. Speeding also means driving too fast for the conditions of the road. Work zones, fog, heavy rain, and certainly New York snow and ice require a responsible driver to slow down. Any driver that is traveling too fast in New York and causes another motorist harm should be held accountable for their actions.
  • Fatigue – Fatigue, or drowsy driving, is a major concern among road safety advocates. Missing just one to two hours of sleep can double a person’s chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Drowsy driving is one of the biggest safety threats in the commercial trucking industry, because truckers often drive for long periods of time without taking a break. Workers on late shifts are also more likely to fall asleep while at the wheel because they are often tired and driving late at night or early in the morning.
  • Failing to follow signs and signals – Traffic signs and signals are installed for a very good reason. When someone runs a red light, fails to slow down at a yield sign or ignores other important traffic signs, they are being negligent.
  • Failure to signal when turning or changing lanes – One of the first things young drivers are taught in driving school is to always signal their intentions to fellow motorists. If a driver merges suddenly into your lane without signaling, or turns at a light without letting oncoming traffic know their intentions, they can be held accountable for any harm their careless actions have caused.
  • Following another vehicle too closely – Another critical lesson that drivers are taught very early on is the importance of leaving adequate space between their own vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. The worse the weather or the faster the speed of the cars, the greater the distance a driver should maintain from a preceding vehicle. Rear-end accidents are often the result of one driver’s following another vehicle too closely.
  • Failure to adjust driving to conditions – When the weather is bad or traffic is heavy, drivers are expected to change their driving behaviors. Icy weather and slick or wet roads require a driver to leave more space between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. Heavy traffic typically requires slower speeds. When drivers are careless in hazardous conditions, they can be held responsible for any injuries they cause.

You might not know exactly why another driver acted in a way that caused the accident. Nevertheless, if another driver caused you harm and you are suffering painful, costly injuries as a result of their reckless actions — negligence — you have the right to explore your legal options.

Contact a New York City car accident lawyer today at (212) 563-1900 to schedule your free case evaluation

New York Car Accident Studies

Featured Article: New Research about Causes of Car Accidents Reveals Fresh Dangers

Sometimes it seems as if life used to be simpler. When we drove, we had fewer distractions and fewer things to worry about. Were they truly the good old days? Perhaps, because increases in the number of distractions around us while we drive would hardly appear to be a good thing. New research now available reveals the risks, and the links to the risks, that raise the chances of a car crash in New York City. Read Full Article

No-Fault Car Accident Laws In New York

In 1973 the New York State Legislature passed what is commonly referred to as the “No-Fault Law” to provide for the economic needs of people injured in car accidents. No-fault coverage will pay for medical bills, prescription costs, household services, transportation to medical providers, and lost wages up to the amount of coverage selected by the policyholder. However, there are many restrictions and filing requirements relating to no-fault laws in New York, so it is essential that you consult with a car accident lawyer to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are legally entitled to.

Additionally, the true intent of the no-fault law was to limit an injured person’s ability to collect money for their pain and suffering. The statute is very restrictive, and many people who suffer significant injuries do not receive compensation for the impact that an accident has had on their lives. Confused about how no-fault works and how it applies to your situation? A New York car accident lawyer at Kaplan Lawyers will be glad to explain it to you in terms you can understand.

Tips For Dealing With The Insurance Agency

Talking to representatives of an insurance company is an intimidating experience for most people. You might wonder whether the insurance company is really acting in your best interest. What should you say or do, and what should you avoid? In general, you should cooperate with your own insurance company to the best of your ability. But you should avoid speaking to a representative of another driver’s insurer. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with insurance companies after a car accident in New York City:

  • You are under no obligation to speak to another driver’s insurance representative. Their goal is to protect their bottom line; they’re likely to do whatever they can to decrease the amount of money they pay you.
  • If possible, they will find a way to deny your claim completely. One of the ways they do this is by using your own words against you. If you are contacted by another driver’s insurance company, tell them to talk to your car accident attorney – Kaplan Lawyers, in New York City.
  • When it comes to your own insurance company, you should be cooperative and report your accident and injuries after they happen.
  • It’s also important to know that you don’t have to accept an offer that doesn’t meet your needs. If you are offered less than you deserve, consider having a car accident attorney argue your case for you.

Throughout the entire claims process, an accident lawyer whose practice focuses on personal injury can put your interests first. This includes dealing with insurance companies so you don’t have to.

Getting Medical Treatment After A Car Accident

A car accident scene is full of confusion. Adrenaline is flowing and emotions may be highly charged. This could keep you from recognizing that you are injured. Not all injuries are as obvious as a fractured bone. The most important step you can take after a car crash is to seek medical attention. Even if you aren’t sure how seriously you are injured, your health is never something you want to risk. There are also legal ramifications if you don’t get medical treatment. The other driver’s attorney or their insurance company will try to say that you weren’t seriously injured if you didn’t bother to see a doctor. Don’t risk your health or give the other side the opportunity to make this argument. Get a medical evaluation after the accident, and follow the doctor’s orders and treatment plan.

Types Of Injuries From New York City Vehicle Accidents

A vehicle accident can lead to very serious injuries, including…

  • Traumatic brain injuries – Serious head injuries have effects that can last a lifetime. These injuries are not always visible to others. Victims often suffer in silence, and often it’s only close family members and friends who notice changes in the person’s behavior, personality and thinking. A traumatic brain injury affects memory, language processing and a host of other functions that most of us take for granted.
  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis – When the spinal cord is damaged, victims face countless difficulties in life. These injuries can cost millions of dollars in medical care. They prevent people from doing their job or enjoying basic activities.
  • Internal injuries – Much like traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries are not easily detected by the naked eye, but these injuries can quickly prove fatal if not treated immediately. Internal bleeding or organ damage can have a domino effect and require extensive medical treatment.
  • Broken bones – Fractures are a common consequence of a serious car accident. Some of the costliest and most painful fractures are those experienced in complex bone fractures. This includes fractures of the hips, knees, wrists and ankles. These fractures require extensive medical care and surgeries to treat.
  • Whiplash – Whiplash is a very serious injury that can impact a person in many ways. Whiplash pain can linger for months or even years after a car accident. These injuries can require ongoing medical treatment and physical therapy.
  • Soft-tissue damage – Soft-tissue damage might not get the attention that fractures or brain injuries receive, but it can be extremely painful. Damage to ligaments and tendons can also be very expensive to treat.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – The trauma someone suffers in a car accident is often considered a type of “non-economic” damage, but the anxiety that sometimes follows a car accident is a very real concern and no less debilitating than a physical injury. Any emotional pain and suffering you have experienced should be considered by your New York lawyer when determining how much you are owed by an at-fault driver and their insurance company.
  • Wrongful death – When someone is fatally injured in a car accident, their immediate family members will be forced to deal with the consequences of that loss for the rest of their lives. In New York, certain family members have the legal right to file a wrongful death claim and to receive compensation for their loss. Through a wrongful death claim, a New York City personal injury lawyer can achieve a measure of justice for the victims of a deadly car accident.

In many cases, New Yorkers injured in a car accident face more than just one injury. You might be suffering from extensive trauma that is expensive to treat and also limits your ability to work. If this is the case, you have experienced significant damages from your accident, and you should contact an experienced New York City car accident lawyer to explore your legal path toward compensation.

We want to help you hold a negligent driver accountable for the harm they have caused you and your loved ones. Contact Kaplan Lawyers by calling (212) 563-1900 or filling out our online contact form today.

Top 5 Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

The NYC car accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers have decades of experience and a proven track record of helping people who have been hurt in car accidents. Contact us at (212) 563-1900 for a consultation to find out what compensation you are entitled to. The consultation is free, and we charge no fee unless we recover financial compensation for you. These are some things you should avoid if you are involved in a New York car accident:

  • Admitting fault at the scene of the accident before you have all the facts. Even politely saying “I’m sorry” can be construed as an admission of fault.
  • Not filing an accident report with the police. Don’t try to shortcut the process.
  • Assuming you will feel better and not seeking medical attention. Time does not heal all wounds.
  • Believing that an insurance company will deal with you fairly. Sure, we’d all like to believe that right always wins over might. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
  • Not hiring an experienced New York lawyer who will complete all filings to protect your rights and ensure that you will receive the compensation that you deserve. This is not the time to go it alone. Let those who know the ins and outs of New York accident litigation stand in for you and stand up for you.

How does a settlement work?

A settlement usually requires a significant amount of negotiations between the legal representatives of the parties involved in the lawsuit. The process can be quick (resolved in a matter of several days or weeks) or take more time (several months or longer), depending on the complexities of the case.

Car accident settlements are typically a compromise between two parties, but that doesn’t mean that the settlement you receive will be enough to meet the costs you are facing. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to hire an experienced New York City Car Accident Lawyer to handle your case. They will deal firmly with the other side to negotiate a financial settlement that is fair to you.

Need A New York City Car Accident Lawyer? Contact Kaplan Lawyers Today.

LawyersWhen you decide to hire an automobile accident lawyer in New York City, you will have no shortage of options. There are many personal injury attorneys in our city that will want to handle your claim. You should know that not all firms are the same. At Kaplan Lawyers, we take a client-first approach. Our priority is getting you the help you need.

If you or a loved one has been injured, you deserve a New York City car accident lawyer that meets you on your terms. We have a track record of achieving exceptional results for clients. Kaplan Lawyers offers free consultations to people from Manhattan to Staten Island to the Bronx, and we encourage you to reach out to our firm so we can learn more about your story and help you get on the path to wellness and financial wholeness. Call a dedicated, trustworthy New York City car accident lawyer today at (212) 563-1900.

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