Retail Store Accidents

Retail Store Accidents

There’s no shortage of retail stores in New York City. Visitors and residents flock to some of the most well-known stores in the world to browse and buy products of all kinds. Most of these establishments keep their premises safe for consumers, but some fail to provide a safe environment. The results can be disastrous for patrons.

Store proprietors must maintain a safe, clean, and well-lit environment to help ensure the safety of all customers and employees. Failure to do so may put them at legal risk. For example, if you or a loved one has slipped and fallen on a puddle in a grocery store, the store owner may be legally liable to compensate for all damages caused. As you’ll see below, there are many other examples of retail store hazards, each highlighting a unique danger for patrons.

When someone is injured on the premises of a store, the owners and supervisors or managers of that store could be held responsible for the costs of that injury, especially if they knew about the hazardous condition and failed to notify patrons. An injured patron can file a premises liability claim to receive compensation for the damages they’ve suffered, which could include pain, suffering, medical bills and lost wages due to time missed at work.

However, in all retail store accidents it is critical to investigate as soon as possible to obtain the available evidence. The New York retail store accident lawyers at Kaplan Lawyers PC have the experience and skill required to get results for our clients.

Examples of Retail Store Accidents

All types of retail stores must meet this obligation of safety. If your injury occurred in a grocery store, shopping mall, department store or any other type of retail store, you may be eligible for compensation.

Here are some common causes of retail store injuries:

  • Injuries caused by items falling from shelves
  • Ice and snow not adequately removed from entryways or walkways
  • Hazardous objects not cleared from floor
  • Slips and falls caused by liquids / cleaning materials
  • Inadequate warning signs caused injury
  • Inadequate security guards caused injury
  • Ragged, torn, or uneven carpeting.

Hazardous environments can cause all sorts of injuries, from broken bones, to brain trauma, to severe soft tissue injuries. The medical costs that come with the treatments for these injuries should not come out of your pocket. The New York retail store accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC know the law, and we can make sure that your rights will be protected. We can advocate your claim in court, enforce your legal rights, and guide you through every step the legal process.

Providing for the Security of Customers

Part of the responsibilities of a store’s management is to ensure your safety, which means providing security on their premises. Stores should not only be equipped with adequate personnel and cameras, they should also have a plan in place for when a customer is accosted or put in danger in other ways.

Some stores provide for the safety of their patrons by hiring security guards. These guards must be trained to handle any issues that arise and to respond to emergencies. A store must also be sure to staff enough guards and install proper equipment to make sure the guards have the resources to prevent and deter assault in their store.

People who have been injured on the property of a store owner due to a negligent or ill-equipped security system might also be able to obtain compensation for their injuries through premise liability claims. It is important to act quickly if you believe your injuries were caused by the negligence of a store so you can meet with an attorney, file a claim, and maximize your chances of getting the payment you deserve.

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Our New York retail store accidents attorneys know how to build a successful claim for injured New Yorkers. We fight to get our clients results, and we have the experience required to handle all types of personal injury cases in New York. Premises liability claims are not always simple matters, so it’s best to retain the services of a skilled attorney to represent you in a claim.

If the negligence of a store owner or employee caused you harm, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact our team at Kaplan Lawyers PC for a free consultation so we can get you the financial recovery that you need and deserve. If we are not able to win your case, there is no fee for our help.

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