After being involved in a car crash, people are forced to place their trust in others. They rely on their attorneys to represent them in claims, doctors to treat their injuries and auto body shops to repair their vehicles. Just like all the other professionals that assist people after a vehicle crash, auto body shops provide an invaluable service to their clientele, and they work hard to make sure their customers are taken care of.

At Kaplan Lawyers PC, some of our favorite referrers are auto body repair shops. They understand more than anyone else that their customers often need legal help, and we are honored that so many of them see fit to send people our way.

Here are a few reasons why auto body shops refer clients to our firm…

Referring Clients to Kaplan Lawyers PC

When a customer’s vehicle has been damaged in a crash, it can be a costly affair, one that they are not always prepared for financially. If they have also suffered serious injuries, it makes the prospect of paying for the work on their vehicle even more challenging. This, in turn, puts auto body shops at a disadvantage when getting payment for the services they provide.

By referring your customers to us, we can help clients get the compensation they deserve, which not only makes their lives easier, but also helps them make their payments and speeds along the process in many other ways.

Some of the benefits to both clients and auto body shops include:

  • Prompt Police Reports
  • Determining Liability Faster
  • More Leverage with an Insurance Carrier Over Property Damage

We have several common interests with auto body shops, the biggest of which is ensuring that our clients receive excellent customer service and have all their needs met. We are all working toward the same goal – making sure our clients get what they need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We are proud to work with auto body shops to accomplish this goal. When our clients’ lives are made easier, it is a win-win for everyone involved. It’s frustrating to see people go through lengthy processes to earn the compensation they deserve, so we make it our goal to minimize their hassle and speed up that process.

Working with Our Firm

We help our clients get excellent results from their claims, providing them with the utmost respect and care. Our experienced team treats clients like human beings and not like case numbers. Clients can rest assured knowing that we will go to great lengths to help them meet the challenges they are facing. Victims who have suffered injuries in serious accidents see their bills accumulate quickly, and we realize that they need a firm which will get things done promptly and efficiently.

If you have customers that need legal representation, keep Kaplan Lawyers PC in mind. We guarantee all referrers that we will treat your customers with the highest levels of service. Our consultations are free. Call us today to learn more.

Attorney Jared S. Kaplan

Attorney Jared S. Kaplan has focused his career on advancing his legal knowledge though the day to day practice of law. Jared is a partner in the law firm of Kaplan Lawyers PC in Syosset, New York and has been a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years. His career started in litigation, so Jared is aware of the pitfalls in litigation and uses that knowledge in the representation of his clients in complex matters. [ Attorney Bio ]

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