Every finished structure you encounter required massive amounts of ladders and scaffolding to aid in its creation. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk involved in scaling such equipment. Construction workers put themselves at considerable risk as they utilize ladders and scaffoldings to achieve the heights necessary to properly complete their job. Your boss has an obligation to maintain a safe work environment, complete with secure equipment. If you or a loved one has been injured working with ladders or scaffolding, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can cover your medical expenses and earn you the wages you sacrificed during your time away from work. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC will fight to make sure that you get the best medical attention and the most compensation for injuries sustained in a fall from a scaffolding or ladder.

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New York State actually has specific laws set in place for anyone working on a ladder or scaffolding that could earn you even more benefits than traditional workers’ compensation. The ladder and scaffolding accident attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC know the law and the impact it has on injured workers, and have helped countless clients maximize their recoveries.

Any injury related to ladders, scaffolding, or a fall from heights could earn you a comprehensive benefits package. We realize the dangers present in the workplace, especially the dangers related to tall heights. We want you to focus on recovery from your injury, and not the financial burden your injuries can cause.

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We all know the workplace can be hazardous. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers PC believe that if you’ve been injured, you deserve to be provided for. Contact us for a free consultation. If we’re unable to secure your benefits, our assistance is completely free.

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