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New York City is an exciting place to live, work, and play. The streets and sidewalks are full of people who may or may not call our City home. But while folks from out of town take in the sights and stand on sidewalks gazing up in wonder at our skyscrapers, New Yorkers rush about the business of getting safely to their jobs and back home to provide for their families.

With the sheer numbers of people moving through the streets of our City, on foot or in motor vehicles, it’s inevitable that an accident will happen. Something as simple as tripping over a mop bucket left outside a restaurant, being clipped by a taxi that went through the pedestrian crosswalk too quickly, or getting rear-ended by a driver who’s not paying attention to the stop-and-go traffic — any imaginable type of accident could change your life in the blink of an eye. The accident may not have been your fault, but it could put you deeply in debt, unable to pay your bills or provide for your family. If this applies to your situation, call a New York City injury lawyer at Kaplan Lawyers PC and take the next step toward financial recovery.

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Once Kaplan Lawyers took over my case I knew that I made the right decision. I was able to get medical care paid for and they negotiated for much more than my insurance had offered. I am a client for life! Katrina S.

Commack, NY

The staff at Kaplan Lawyers was friendly and compassionate. They made me feel special. My case was settled faster than I ever imagined and it will provide for me for the rest of my life! Mary T.

Northport, NY

The lawyers at Kaplan took the time to explain the law to me and identified what would have to be proven to win the case. They brought in experts and worked tirelessly to get evidence that showed neglect on the owner’s part. Robin A.

Huntington, NY

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We’re in the Peak Season for Accidental Deaths

There is an old song that asserts that living is easy in the summertime. Unfortunately, though, summer isn’t always the carefree season it’s portrayed to be. According to National Safety Council (NSC) statistics, more preventable accidental deaths occur in July and August than at any other time of year. The top five causes of death in the summertime are drownings, hot car asphyxiations, pedestrian accidents, disasters and gun-related fatalities. 

Hearing Loss Plagues Older Construction Workers

The damaging consequences of working in construction can accumulate on older workers. Older construction workers who suffer from hearing loss might also have problems with workplace safety. For example, if a worker can’t hear warnings or suffers from an undiagnosed hearing disability, their safety and the safety of coworkers could be compromised. Several independent studies bear this out.

Is It Dangerous to Be a Night Owl?

It makes little difference here in the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re out at night running errands or you’re a worker on the road to or from your 3rd shift job, an injury accident can happen anytime due to lack of sleep — your own or someone else’s. Sometimes, it can be dangerous to live the life of a “night owl.”

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