Head-On Collisions in NYC

There is no such thing as a safe car crash, but some accidents are especially dangerous for their drivers and passengers. Statistically, head-on collisions are, by far, the most serious, deadliest types of auto accidents — and they occur with tragic frequency.

A head-on collision happens when two vehicles impact each other in their respective front ends. Studies show that these collisions are more likely than any other to cause catastrophic injury and/or death.

Typically, head-on collisions happen abruptly and at high speeds. Like side-impact collisions, they also strike each driver (and front-seat passenger) where they are most vulnerable, making close contact with the human body itself.

Sadly, head-on collisions usually result from inattentiveness or negligence on the highway. It is a fact that cautious driving would prevent the overwhelming majority of New York’s head-on crashes and the fatalities they cause.

The keys to a safer future, then, are prevention and accountability. This page is designed to address both. We want you to understand how, where, and why these accidents happen — and what we can do to help victims in their aftermath.

Kaplan Lawyers PC has decades of experience in helping people affected by the very worst auto accidents in New York. Our job is to help you understand your rights and then to defend them.

We will work tirelessly to hold at-fault drivers and their insurance companies and employers accountable for the damage they’ve caused, seeking the largest amount of financial compensation allowable under the law. By insisting that negligent parties take responsibility, we can help create a safer future for every driver, passenger, and pedestrian in the Empire State.

Vehicle Collision Injuries

Be Careful at Intersections, Stoplights, and in Parking Lots

Head-on collisions can happen anywhere, but they are especially common in intersections. Always approach stop signs, stoplights, interchanges, and roundabouts with care. Parking lots are problem areas too, even though speeds are typically reduced in parking areas.

Head-on collisions can also happen when vehicles swerve into the wrong lane. Unsurprisingly, drunk driving (DUI) poses a major concern for high-speed frontal impact.

Finally, wrong-way entries are another common cause of head-on collisions. Always pay attention to street signs and never assume it is safe to enter a new roadway until you have taken time to confirm.

Common Injuries in Front-End Collisions

Head-on collisions in New York are known to cause a wide range of serious injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Crushed or broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ damage
  • Stroke
  • Arterial dissection

Even more moderate injuries may result in profound economic hardship. New York personal injury law allows victims to collect the full cost of their suffering from at-fault parties.

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